Creative Coffee Break

This summer CviaD hosted a complimentary coffee hour. Attendees grabbed their favorite cup of joe and joined us for a virtual session. We casually addressed questions percolating in the minds of our clients in an interactive discussion about branding and marketing challenges during this period of social upheaval and COVID. The topics ranged from brand and web strategy to website design and development, digital marketing and analytics.

Here are some key takeaways:

  1. With everyone at home these days, advertising dollars are pouring online, driving up costs for popular keywords and advertising channels. Use specific keywords and alternate channels that relate most closely to your organization, to avoid competition and improve ROI.
  1. If you’re a non-profit, you may be eligible for $10,000 of Google Ad Grant dollars a month. That’s a lot of grant money! Use it to target specific audiences with relevant messages.
  1. Cut through the noise right now and boost your site’s visibility. Connect with your target audience in a timely, relevant way. An ask at the end of a news story that showcases your impact will perform better than an ask without context.
  1. Right now is a great time to squeeze the most out of tools you already have. Use your website analytics to identify the top 3-5 pages, then optimize those pages—tighten up text, and make your calls-to-action as compelling as possible.
  1. Three vital elements of successful online storytelling are: Keep it short. Make it linear. Make it visual.

The webinar was so well received that we are already planning a Creative Coffee Break series this fall. Stay tuned!