Creative Coffee Break was so well received this past summer that CviaD continued its complimentary coffee hour webinar sessions throughout September. Four topics were covered over four weekly sessions featuring our all-star team.

Attendees grabbed their favorite cup of joe and joined us for interactive Q+A sessions. Open discussions, examples and ideas percolated throughout. Some of the most asked questions were “How do we cut through all the noise and truly stand out?” And “How can we optimize the tools we have right now to create more engagement and conversions?”

If you don’t have time to listen in on the recorded sessions, here are some key takeaways from each session:

Website Design & Development

  • Use your website as your hub and social media as the spokes. It’s important to always drive traffic to your website. It’s the one platform you maintain 100% control.
  • Blogs are good as long as they don’t become static. Update regularly (2-4 times a month) or reconsider adding one to your website.
  • Put your mission and direct calls to action on your homepage as well as 2-3 top visited pages on your website.
  • Identify who are you serving and the top 3 things you want them to do on your website. Use that information to structure your website, making sure those 3 action items are displayed prominently throughout.
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  • A successful brand, from imagery to messaging, conjures up a set of emotions that makes your audience want to align with you.
  • It’s not what you say about your brand. It’s what your customers say about your brand that counts.
  • Branding is an inside-out process; it must start internally and gain your employees’ buy in before it can authentically connect with external audiences.
  • When creating material for more than one constituent group, consider the interests of those on the receiving end and leverage the message accordingly, ensuring your brand values are supported universally.
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Digital Marketing and Analytics

  • Does your website address start with “http” and not “https”? If so, your site is not secure and you are missing out on traffic being directed towards your site from Google and other search engines.
  • There are simple steps you can take to improve your website’s SEO, such as getting an SSL certificate, fixing broken links, asking reputable external sites to link to yours, and making small content updates periodically. Google rewards sites who keep their content fresh!
  • Do keyword research. It will help you identify which of your products or services individuals are actively searching. If your target market isn’t searching on terms relevant to your products or services, then you need a push marketing strategy rather than a pull. Get in their head through various marketing activities.
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Event Planning and Marketing

  • The average amount of time someone spends watching a virtual event is 12 minutes. Make sure you get your ask in early and be sure to condense your program. 30-45 minutes is recommended.
  • Bring in an a/v and tech team. They are the experts on virtual events and will give your program a much better chance of running smoothly.
  • Give yourself license to do things differently. Be authentic. What is right for your organization and what is right for your audience?
  • Give honorees or awardees proper face time. Create longer feature videos for each of them and release them after the event. It’s a great way to stretch out your event content and reach a broader audience.
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Today’s challenges open the door to great opportunity. How can we help you? Let’s continue the conversation.