Longwood Area Case Study

Longwood Area

Case Study :: Website

The Longwood area is a world-class medical and academic center that features a mix of state-of-the-art hospital buildings, colleges and universities, retail, hospitality and residential housing in addition to parks and world-class cultural institutions. MASCO needed a brand identity and public-facing website to serve a primary audience of 47,000 employees who work in the Longwood area, as well as prospective employees, patients, visitors, and the community at-large. The challenge was to align the organization with a recognizable brand and online portal to engage the public in the many events, activities and amenities available in the vibrant and burgeoning neighborhood.

LongwoodArea.org is a fully responsive, visual-rich website, that includes an integrated community calendar and an easy-to-browse directory of local restaurants and attractions. Employees, hospital visitors, and the public can also explore the Longwood Area on foot or bike via fully mobile, interactive walking tours that feature natural, cultural, and institutional highlights.

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