MASCO Case Study

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Medical Academic and Scientific Community Organization (MASCO)

Case Study :: Website Series

One of the epicenters of world-class medical care and education is Boston’s Longwood area. MASCO—Medical Academic and Scientific Community Organization, Inc.—is the non-profit community services and development organization that pursues programs to promote a sense of community among its 22 member organizations who employ more than 57,000 people in this dense urban area; there are 11,000 new job openings posted each year. MASCO and its family of organizations offer a wide range of services including area planning and development, parking and transportation, collaborative purchasing, a call center and child care. MASCO is also the steward of sustainability—environmentally and economically—for the Longwood Area.

CviaD had previously designed and developed a series of websites in 2010, including MASCO’s main site, their child care website, and call center website—each addressing specific audiences. Their websites were overdue for a redesign and reassessment of content. MASCO invited CviaD to redesign the website series, given the success and longevity of the previous design. While evaluating site traffic, CviaD discovered most viewers frequented the main site for transportation information, schedules, and travel advisories. CviaD’s challenge was to develop a strategy to reprioritize and streamline content for optimal user engagement. A redesign was also needed to get the sites to meet best practices for accessibility and GDPR privacy standards.

The new MASCO websites are visually-driven, with a responsive, mobile-first design, simplified navigation, and an improved content structure. The refreshed interfaces feature a rotating spotlight feature on the homepage and clear constituent pathways, doing away with the old self-service model, in favor of a modern, directed user experience. The main MASCO website features transit alerts, shuttle schedules, parking information, events, and interactive forms for the 100,000+ people in the area. On the back end, CviaD enhanced the data entry process for MASCO’s shuttle routes and stops, future-proofing the data and reducing administrative time.

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