Natick Center Cultural District

Case Study :: Website


With the belief that “a thriving creative sector is one of the state’s most powerful economic development assets,” the Massachusetts State Legislature in 2010 authorized an act to create a Cultural Districts Initiative. The Natick Center Cultural District (NCCD) has the distinction of being one of the first of such districts to be established. NCCD wanted to have a new website created in order to drive new business development, attract visitors, and create convergence of the local community of artists, business owners, residents, and stakeholders.


To arrive at a solid brand platform, CviaD led a collaborative development process with the NCCD executive committee, each with their own unique interests and goals. Through a consensus-building process, CviaD delivered a new brand identity, brand guidelines, website and mobile app to fully engage the community and visitors alike. This resulted in a 40% increase in NCCD membership within a year. Unique site visits more than doubled. Signature events announced through the site have attracted visitors from around the state and have strengthened NCCD’s alliance of merchants, artists, landlords and government.

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