The Brain Aneurysm Foundation Case Study

The Brain Aneurysm Foundation

Case Study :: Website

The Brain Aneurysm Foundation approached CviaD with the need for a website overhaul. It was imperative that the site provide easy access to information for lay people, researchers, scientists, and those actively experiencing a brain aneurysm. Clarity, accessibility and ease of site navigation were of the utmost importance. The site also needed compelling calls to action for donations, advocacy and support. The old site had been implemented in a nonstandard manner, complicating migration and maintenance, and making everyday editorial tasks difficult. CviaD’s challenge was to overhaul the existing content management system, this time adhering to WordPress and industry standards, enhance the website, and migrate to a new host. Due to restrictions placed on the previous visual interface, a design refresh was needed to support the messaging, and get the site into compliance with best practices for accessibility. All of this work had to be done quickly, and working around the limitations imposed by a large, and inflexible CRM vendor, who was also serving as the host of the old website.


First steps included a comprehensive analysis of the website, visual interface, CMS, hosting environment, and all third-party software and plugins. CviaD provided BAF options for keeping the site in-place, or migrating to an new host, with CviaD working closely with BAF to understand the costs and benefits of each option. With BAF choosing to move to a new host, CviaD began a rapid design and development process. The newly implemented is now a fully responsive, visual-rich website with an improved content structure and navigation. The refreshed interface features a rotating spotlight feature on the homepage and clear user pathways. Local, relevant information that was once buried is now automatically displayed prominently to visitors based on their location. The new site features an improved content structure, as well as streamlined editorial controls, deep integration with SEO and analytics tools, and improved support for BAF’s network of support groups.

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