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Boston Preservation Alliance

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Our task


Since 1982, Boston Preservation Alliance (BPA) had evolved from an education-based organization to one that focuses on advocating for the thoughtful preservation and creative reuse of historic buildings, as well as for new construction that complements Boston’s historic fabric. As the authority on historic preservation advocacy in Boston, BPA was lacking a dynamic and responsive website experience for site visitors. It lacked compelling visual content, clear user pathways and intuitive navigation, all critical to increasing awareness and engagement. A clear call-to-action for BPA’s varied user groups was not present. BPA asked CviaD to align them with a more robust website, built on a modern, highly-configurable CMS that allowed their staff the ease of content implementation and day-to-day maintenance.

CviaD demonstrated our impact, showed why we are worthy of support, and made our organization’s work accessible to empower advocacy by the public—and made it look great and simple to manage, too!

Greg Galer, Executive Director, Boston Preservation Alliance

The results

CviaD led BPA through a comprehensive discovery process and strategy session that resulted in a streamlined site architecture. A compelling visual interface and expansive photography prominently feature BPA’s impressive impact on historic buildings, landscapes, and communities. The site includes an interactive map showing locations and summary information about BPA’s award-winning projects, as well as news, videos and project updates. Users are quickly engaged, informed and empowered to become advocates for the projects they care about most. And social media syndication through the site further assists with the organization’s outreach and engagement. The new website serves as an invaluable resource to residents, neighborhood groups, regulators and the press, allowing them to weigh in, be heard, and impact the future of Boston.

Since the new site launch, website visits more than tripled. Newsletter sign-ups increased by 37% with a 24% open rate, and social media engagement has increased across all platforms up to 52%.

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